I can’t do yoga because… I am not flexible enough.

I have heard this so many times over the years, and from a complete cross section of people, so I thought that I would let you into a little secret: yoga is actually really good for improving flexibility. If you have tight, tense muscles a yoga class is absolutely the right place to be as yoga commonly works on lengthening whole muscle chains to relieve tension throughout the body.  So what is it that is really stopping you from going to a yoga class? I think a more truthful statement might be:

“I don’t feel I can try yoga as I am self conscious about my flexibility levels and fear that I will be the only person in the room who can’t do it (and then everyone will laugh at me!  Eek!).”

So if you want to try yoga how do you work through these fears? Well choosing a suitable class is a good starting point. Dru yoga in particular is a lovely style for beginners, with its focus on soft, flowing movements it really allows the body to release and relax in a very gentle and effective way.  I give permission for students to work within their own comfortable range of movement. I offer different adaptations suitable for bad backs, sore shoulders, or dodgy knees so that everyone can discover and celebrate their body’s unique capabilities whatever they may be.

As for laughing; it is good not to take yourself too seriously. It is healthy to laugh. In my classes we laugh at the ridiculous nature of some of the postures (just take a look at lion pose) but we never laugh at each other because we have all been there as beginners. Even me.

I would love to help you improve your flexibility. Check out my beginner’s Dru yoga classes starting in September here.

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