Thai yoga massage is very different from your traditional image of a massage and you might easily over look it as a treatment for yourself. It is a deeply therapeutic and holistic therapy and can help manage many common complaints such as headache, knee pain, back, shoulder and neck pain. It can also help to manage the effects of stress, boost energy levels and manage mood.  Here are my top five reasons why I think Thai Yoga Massage is amazing.


  1. Not just an ordinary massage

Thai yoga massage has its roots in India and the traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda. It was brought from India to Thailand with expansion of Buddhism around 2000 years ago. According to Eastern philosophy the body is made up of an interconnected web of energy pathways. Through these pathways flows prana or life energy.

Prana is the driving force behind all life. It is thought to be the life force that supports and maintains the vital functions within the body. When it flows easily and freely, we experience good mental, physical and spiritual health. When prana is low or blocked, we do not.

Thai yoga massage makes use of this knowledge and aims to stimulate a good flow of prana throughout the body. While the body is moved and massaged in Thai yoga massage, the energy pathways are freed, bringing you a deeper sense of balance, harmony, and health.


  1. Touch makes you happy

Touch is a necessary part of our lives and plays a key part in both our physical and mental health. Whether that comes in the form of a hug, holding hands or a traditional massage we all need caring human touch to thrive. It can promote feelings of safety and trust. You only have to think of the role that touch plays in our ape ancestors to see its importance in communities. It can also boost immunity and so reduce disease. I think everybody felt the lack of physical connection during the various lockdowns and the detrimental effect that this had on our wellbeing.

Whereas traditional massage utilises skin on skin contact, Thai yoga massage takes placed fully clothed lying on a futon on the floor. For some people staying dressed during a session brings another layer of trust between the therapist and client and so a deeper level of relaxation can be achieved.


  1. Ease muscular stresses and tension

Every body tells a story and yours will be no different. The way you have lived in your body will be reflected in the areas of tightness and tension found within it. What is happening in your life at any particular time will also be reflected in the tone of your muscles. I use my feet, knees, forearms, palms, and thumbs to compress the muscles, free the joints and apply acupressure. As I guide your body into assisted yoga postures, it allows your muscles to stretch and for tension to be released. In short it is like getting the benefits of a yoga class while relaxing deeply.



  1. Personalised approach

There is no one size fits all approach to Thai yoga massage. Your physical body reflects your lifestyle and job. Likewise, your mind develops habits patterns in reaction to what goes on in your world. I take time before the massage to fully understand your needs. I take into account not just what you are saying you need, but how you are feeling on a particular day. I find my training in yoga therapy really helps with this as I have a greater framework of tools to aid my assessment and help make your treatment as therapeutic and unique to you as possible. This allows me to treat you not only at a physical level to help any aches and pains but also at an energetic level, freeing the flow of prana too.


  1. Promotes deep and healing rest

We live in a society that promotes busyness. There is a pressure to always be doing something, to be productive and not to waste time. So much so that it is easy to get caught in a rat run of busyness that can lead you into tiredness, depletion, and ill health. Thai yoga massage stimulates the deep rest response, allowing you to take the healing rest that you need to restore, rejuvenate, and renew from within. It provides opportunity for the body to repair and heal itself. By relaxing deeply your body can digest not only your food better but your day-to-day life experiences as well. It can actually promote better and deeper sleep because when your body is relaxed your sleep is more beneficial.



I would love share the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage with you. If you would like to experience a Thai Yoga Massage yourself then please book your treatment here. I have appointments on Fridays in the Marple area.

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