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Easeful Menopause Mini Retreat

Come and learn how yoga can help you to navigate the menopause with confidence.

The approach of the menopause marks a transistion in every woman's life. In modern society this is often made more challenging by looking after children and elderly parents combined with continuing work commitments. This mini retreat aims to give you the tools to help themselves manage this transition with more ease and grace.


"Menopause can be a disconcerting experience. Just when you think you have your act manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions with more easetogether... just when you have finally reached a comfortable level of poise and self confidence, menopause causes you to sit up and take nothing for granted. "

- Janine O'Leary Cobb


Over the afternoon you will learn :

  • breathing techniques to manage excess heat
  • the role of deep relaxation to both improve sleep patterns and increase energy levels
  • specific yoga sequences to balance and calm hormones
  • movement to support pelvic health and create a sense of stability at this time of change
  • techniques that promote emotional balance so that you can manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions with more ease
  • to explore some of the cultural conditioning around midlife and menopause to encourage reframing this transition in an more positive way

You will leave the mini retreat feeling deeply rested, nurtured and empowered to manage your menopause in your way.

Who is it suitable for?

This mini retreat is perfect for:

  • women experiencing menopause who would like to learn holistic strategies to manage their symptoms
  • women approaching menopause who would like to find out how they can support this transition
  • women of menopausal age who would like time out from their daily routine to nurture and support their own wellbeing

What to expect

The idea of running this mini retreat was to give you space away from the busyness of your daily lives where you have the opportunity to learn, explore and find out what the menopause means to you. It will be a time where you can feel nurtured and relaxed and be receptive to your inner wisdom.

The first part of the afternoon will focus on movement to support the pelvic organs, promote hormonal balance and reduce anxiety. There will then be a short tea break. After this the focus will move towards stillness with the attention on breathwork, meditation and deep relaxation and understanding the role that these play in your health at this time.

You will leave with a toolkit of practical techniques to take home with you and incorporate into your daily life. There will also be a resource pack and videos to support you in this.

Workshop Details

Date: Saturday 2nd November 2019

Time: 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm

Where: Mellor Parish Centre, Church Road, Mellor, Stockport. SK6 5LX

Cost: £35

Mellor Parish Centre
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