Yoga for back care

The yoga for back care course is especially designed to help ease and manage back pain. This gentle movement programme will introduce you to a range of yoga techniques that will help you to:-

  • relax and release tight muscles
  • strengthen weak muscles
  • maintain and develop movement range
  • manage pain effectively
  • promote deep relaxation

In addition, over the five week course you will learn the role that stress plays in your back condition, the importance of nutrition, as well as developing a personal yoga tool kit for self managing your back. It is suitable for a wide range of back conditions and mobility levels.

One-to-one sessions

I also offer one-to-one yoga therapy sessions to help ease and manage back pain. Together we develop a tailor made movement programme matched to your specific needs and goals. These sessions are particularly useful to build confidence in your back prior to joining a yoga class or taking up another activity.

If you would like to know more please contact me and we can discuss your needs.

Course Details

No courses planned currently

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