Wisdom Webinars

Every Wednesday I will be hosting a free webinar exploring different aspects of yogic wisdom. If you want to learn more about yoga philosophy, history and its applications to every day life then please have a look at the up and coming webinars below.

6th May 2020



Essential ayurveda (Free)

Ayurveda compliments the practice of yoga and allows you to have a greater understanding of your body and mind so that you can make the right choices for to support your own health. This session will provide you with a basic understand of how an ayurvedic approach to living will benefit you.

13th May 2020
Yoga and nutrition to support the menopause (Free)

Together with nutritionist Jey Nair I will be co-hosting this intdroductory sessionon how yoga and nutrition can support you through the menopause.

Booking Details

Date: Every Wednesday starting 8th April 2020

Time: 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Where: Online

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