Want to know how menopause will affect your body and mind and what you can do to help?


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Join the Perimenopause Revolution.


Find out what to expect during menopause and strategies to make it a positive change in your life.


Menopause is a natural stage of life, but women often feel unprepared for the challenges it can bring. It’s important to understand the changes happening and the choices you can make.


There’s a common perception that menopause is something to dread. Because of this, women are often reluctant to acknowledge the changes happening to their bodies. This can make menopause more stressful and difficult. There is another way.


You can join a group which embraces menopause as a positive force for change.


One that provides the knowledge and support you need to make the right decisions for you.

We want to make menopause a positive change in women’s lives.


A perimenopause revolution.

The Perimenopause Revolution: Empower Yourself Programme

The Perimenopause Revolution is an online programme designed by Susan Rodway-Hall.

It’s designed to empower you as your own personal support system.

Susan has dedicated much of her career to improving women’s health. Her aim is to help you live your life with more ease.  That can mean reducing physical pain, calming the mind and emotions, or learning how to relax deeply and restore your energy levels effectively.

Susan is a yoga therapist registered with the Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). This means Susan has demonstrated that she meets UK-wide standards of practice in her work.

"I have a passion for how yoga can help women’s health in general, but particularly for how it can help perimenopausal women (often also navigating supporting teenage children, caring for elderly parents and managing demanding work schedules) with the physical and mental challenges that approaching the menopause can bring."
Susan Rodway-Hall
Susan Rodway-Hall

The Perimenopause Revolution recognises that every experience of menopause is unique.


During the 8-week programme, you’ll learn techniques to nurture and nourish you on your menopause journey.


This is for you if you want to

Know what to expect from menopause

Understand the changes happening to your body

Make the right choices for you

Learn to manage stress and relax deeply with new self-nurture skills

Have strategies to manage common symptoms (such as hot flushes, insomnia or brain fog)

Move through menopause with more ease and confidence

Embrace menopause as a positive force for change

"The perimenopause revolution is brilliant, Susan is an excellent yoga teacher. She is calm, supportive and extremely knowledgeable.
The online yoga classes were very enjoyable; they helped me to relax and de-stress. Each one had a different focus and included useful techniques to help manage my menopause symptoms.
Susan helps you to understand the changes happening to your body, allowing you to deal with them in a way that suits you.
Being part of the perimenopause programme is a positive experience. It gives you a safe space to talk to other women and encourages you to rethink the way you approach the menopause"
- Carrie

What’s included in the perimenopause revolution?

Daily bite-sized training videos – to build your confidence about perimenopausal change and the yoga techniques that will support you

Weekly live nurture sessions (online) – a combination of yoga, breathwork, guided relaxation, meditation and self-massage

Fortnightly Q & A sessions

A portfolio of pre-recorded menopause yoga classes to view at any time

Access to a supportive community in our private WhatsApp group

Inner peace meditation. Mindful woman meditating with open arms, sitting on the ground, surrounded by beautiful nature nurturing and increasing sense of inner peace

What do you need to do?


It’s simple.


But it takes a commitment to honour your desire to learn more about yourself.


And it takes an investment of your time. You’re going to learn techniques that will give you effective long-term support.


During the 8-week programme, you’ll learn a variety of confidence and health boosting strategies. These will include therapeutic movement, breathwork, deep relaxation and meditation.


Invest 20 minutes each day to develop these techniques. You’ll gain the tools to help with many of the common symptoms of menopause.


The price for this 8-week programme is £150. Payable in either one instalment or three payments of £50.


Make menopause a positive change in your life by joining our perimenopause revolution.


It starts on 16th October and we’d love to welcome you to our friendly and supportive group.


Sign up here and I’ll be in touch with the next steps.


The Perimenopause Revolution is a safe space. You can ask questions and share your experiences.


You don’t need to know anything about menopause or yoga before you start. 


If you need more personal support one-to-one yoga therapy sessions are available (at an additional cost).