The Perimenopause Revolution: New for the Autumn

Menopause is a natural stage of woman's life but all too often women are unprepared for the difficulties and challenges this can bring. As you approach this time it is important to understand the changes that are happening to you and the choices that are available for you.


The perimenopause revolution is my online offering to empower you to act as your own personal support system. Giving you access to the techniques and practices that will nurture and nourish you on your own unique menopause journey.

This is for you if you want to:


  • educate and empower yourself to make the right choices to support your personal circumstances


  • learn how to manage stress and relax deeply


  • have a toolkit of strategies for managing common symptoms


  • honour this time by developing self nurture and self care practices


  • move through menopause with more ease, grace and confidence
Inner peace meditation. Mindful woman meditating with open arms, sitting on the ground, surrounded by beautiful nature nurturing and increasing sense of inner peace

What’s included?


Live  nurture sessions – a combination of yoga, breathwork, guided relaxation,  self massage, meditation


A portfolio of pre-recorded menopause yoga classes


Live monthly women’s circle to connect and empower


Regular webinars, Q & A sessions, and guest speakers


Tool box of quick fix techniques