Rest a while longer…

In the middle of January, it can be easy to succumb to feelings of lethargy, low mood, and winter blues. Outside it is often dark, wet, and cold. The New Year has lost its newness. You might be lacking the motivation to maintain the momentum of a fresh start.

I invite you though to go slowly into the new year. Give yourself permission to linger in the space between the end of one year and the beginning of the next. After all this is what is happening in the natural world - the Winter is an extended pause between one growing season and the next.

As you rest and reflect you could take the opportunity to journey inwards. Connect with your inner knowing and intuition. Start by letting yourself become aware of which parts of your life bring you ease, joy and satisfaction. Celebrate the parts that work well. Let your heart feel full of gratitude for them.

Then let yourself be aware of the parts of your life that drain you of energy and bring you worry or discomfort. Dare yourself to sit with these feelings for a while, however uncomfortable. Could you let the strength of these emotions be a driver for change and transformation?

I have found that the parts of my life that cause me most discomfort are usually cues from my inner guidance prompting me to make change. The more I ignore it the worse I feel. It might be a cue to take more care of myself. It might be a cue I need more support and help. It might be a cue to be more compassionate with myself. This is particularly true when I feel circumstances are out of my direct control.

The changes that I aim for are the aligned and heartfelt actions that take me down my path of personal evolution.  I want to orientate myself towards more ease, more joy, towards a greater sense of thrive and so I use each wintertime to notice, review and plan how I can do this. Sometimes this requires me to make the big scary changes and sometimes only very small changes are all that is required to make a big difference in how I feel.

The new year and winter becomes a time to connect with your personal evolution. How would you like your life to unfold this year? Are there specific plans you want to make? Are there new habits which could support you better, create more ease in your life? Where would you like to place your energies? Take time to sit with new plans or goals to see which resonate with you the most. Are the intentions you are setting coming from a heartfelt place?

So, as you rest a while longer at the start of this fresh new year and feel the spaciousness of the next twelve months unfold with possibilities.

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