In the Pagan calendar 1st February represents imbolc a point approximately half way between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. Despite the snow last week there is real evidence that the turning of the seasons towards Spring has begun. The days are noticeably longer, the trees are alive with birds, and the snowdrops are flowering.  I even had a lone daffodil trying to bloom in my garden amongst the snow drifts.


With these signs of new life, it makes me aware that I have been sleep walking through January. I have not thought about the reflections I made at the start of the year let alone taken any action towards where I would like to place my energies in the coming months. I have snoozed on them and while a little natural hibernation is usual at this time of year it is time now to renew my intentions and goals for the year and start to take steps towards them.


One of my intentions was to create more opportunities for deep relaxation or yoga nidra (as the yogis call it). I set my self a personal challenge of making space to practice yoga nidra everyday throughout January. And while I have done some it is far from developing into the bedrock practice that my yoga practice is.


In short, I feel that I failed.


I can come up with plenty of excuses why, but the true reason is simply this:  I don’t view it as important enough to make time for. My mind knows that practicing yoga nidra will calm my nervous system, balance my endocrine system and aid my digestion to name but few benefits. I even know from experience how a restorative practice like this allows me to be calmer and clearer, more refreshed and, the biggie for me, to be less likely to have a migraine. Yet this has not been enough to motivate me to practice.


So rather than give up I am using the new month and the energy of the very early Spring to renew my intention to practice yoga nidra and to give myself 15 minutes of deep and healing rest every day. What could be simpler?


If you are feeling like you have snoozed on your aspiration to make time for self-nurture now is the time to wake up and start to take action. If like me, you are struggling to make a regular daily commitment to taking time to rest and recharge then why not book a massage with me. I offer soothing Thai yoga massage or relaxing Indian head massage every Friday afternoon at Hot Lotus Wellbeing Hub. Please email for more information.

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