Breathing is life

Breathing is something that we all do. Yet it is something most of us take for granted and pay little attention to. While breathing is essential to life, did you know that your breath has an amazing capacity as a self care tool for your body and mind?

How you feel effects how your breathe. For instance, if you are feeling nervous or anxious you may notice your breath quickening, whereas if you are relaxed you may notice your breathing deepening and slowing.

But the reverse is also true: how you breathe effects how you feel. Simply taking a few deep breaths can bring about feelings of calm and relaxation. And this is just one example of the power of the breath.

Breathing well can also help to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Aid relaxation and improve sleep
  • Balance mood and energy levels
  • Increase mental focus
  • Boost the immune system
  • Reduce blood pressure and help to manage pain

While there are many approaches to breathwork the techniques I use are very safe and accessible to all ages, backgrounds and experience. It is easy to understand and most of all easy to practice. I offer both small group courses and 1-2-1 breath coaching.

Breathing well - 4 week course

This four week introductory course covers the basics of breathing. You will learn simple breathing techniques to support breathing well. You will also learn a range of breathing techniques to calm and soothe the body and mind.


This is for you if:

You are new to breath work

You are looking for real time techniques that you can use throughout your day

You prefer a small group setting

You are interested in using your breath to benefit your health and wellbeing

Course details

We will meet once a week for an in person session. You will also be encouraged to start a daily breathing practice. This will supported with a range short five minute videos for you to use at home.

Date: Friday 12th January - Friday 2nd January 2024

Time: 12.15- 1.00pm

Where: Lentils & Lather, Marple

Investment: £45

There are a maximum of 6 places for this course.


Please note that there are two flights of stairs up to the room we will be using. Also hot desking is available if you wish to attend the course as a break in your working day.

1-2-1 Breath coaching

Individual sessions are an excellent way to develop your personal breathing skills further. You will learn practices to energise, balance and relax and be supported in starting your own daily breathing practice. Your breathing programme will be matched to your needs such as developing lung capacity, reducing blood pressure or managing stress.


This is for you if :

You are new to breath work or wish to develop your breathing skills further

You are looking for support for a specific reason or health goal

You are committed to starting a regular daily breathing practice

What to do next

In order to get the most out of your breath coaching experience I offer sessions in blocks of four 45 minute sessions. This will enable you to become familiar with the breathing techniques and feel supported in creating a new habit of daily breathing practices.

I am currently offering the 4 session block at an introductory price of £120

The sessions take place on Fridays at Lentils and Lather in Marple or zoom sessions on Thursdays.

Please email me at for more information and to book a discovery call.

"Breathwork is about getting better at life and improving the quality of life."