Balance your life, balance your weight - starting 22nd February 2021

A 4 week lifestyle detox plan using nutrition and therapeutic yoga

You know a lot about food but you are not sure how to bring it together to help balance your mood, bloating, tiredness, or weight gain. You want inspiration and fresh ideas on how to cook food quickly and to ensure it tastes great while it helps to naturally bring your weight back into balance.

You know that you have constant demands on your time and all the rushing around can lead to stress, irritability and exhaustion. You would like to have a lifestyle that supports a better balance between your work and home life. You would love to have a yoga toolkit of simple and easy to use techniques to help you towards a greater feeling of wellness.

However when you are busy and time is short it is often hard to know where to start. The Balance your Life, Balance your Weight detox plan will give you an easy to follow, 4 week step by step plan to guide you to:

• Eat the right foods to balance your hormones and weight

• Manage your stress

• Sleep better

• Feel calmer

• Have more energy

This course blends together nutritional advice as well as therapeutic yoga to help you to nourish and nurture yourself.

What you will learn:

• Week 1: Balance your mood & boost your mental health

• Week 2: Manage stress better

• Week 3: Understand the role of hormones

• Week 4: Adopt long lasting lifestyle changes


Balance your life, balance your weight (1)

In addition you will be supported with a:

• Weekly live Q & A Zoom session

• Menu plan and cooking demonstrations

• Yoga home practice toolkit: including movement, meditation, breathing and deep relaxation practices

• Access to private Facebook group

• 15 minute 1-2-1 welcome call with either Jey or Susan

• 15 minute 1-2-1 course completion call with either Jey or Susan

Why choose us?

Susan Rodway-Hall

Susan Rodway-Hall

Susan is a registered yoga therapist, Thai yoga massage practitioner and Dru yoga teacher. She believes that simple, therapeutic yoga techniques can help people to live their lives with more ease. She has a special interest in adapting yoga for women's health, and in particular how it can help women who are navigating the physical and mental challenges of the menopause.

Jey headhsot
Jeyanthi Nair

Jeyanthi is a registered naturopathic nutritional therapist and doTerra wellness advocate. She is passionate about helping people with health conditions through her coaching programmes and natural remedies, such as essential oils. She believes that nature can heal. She offers personalised consultations from a holistic perspective, looking at the root cause of conditions.

So what’s stopping you from living a more balanced life?


Too busy?

Yes any change requires effort but this course has been especially designed to be easily accessible for even the busiest of people. All of our sessions will be under 30 minutes long You will be given a menu plan and shopping list at the start of the course so that you can be fully prepared in advance.


Nothing works?

Maybe you feel like you have tried everything with no positive effect. Why should you try something else? This course is will support you with tried and tested approaches. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and is proven to reduce stress. Sound consistent nutritional advice is far removed from faddy diets.