The wisdom of self-nurture

The wisdom of self-nurture Easier, calmer & more joyful When training as a yoga teacher, one of the biggest benefits I experienced came after a guided deep relaxation. While lying still and resting I was invited to imagine that my internal energy reserves were being fully recharged. This image really resonated with me at the…

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I am an expert; I am also a beginner…

I am an expert; I am also a beginner… And yes it is possible to be both. In Buddhism the concept of a “beginner’s mind” is taught. This encourages the individual to engage deeper with their environment and experiences. A “beginner’s mind” is one which has a playful curiosity about the world around them. It…

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I can’t do yoga because…I am not flexible enough

I can’t do yoga because… I am not flexible enough. I have heard this so many times over the years, and from a complete cross section of people, so I thought that I would let you into a little secret: yoga is actually really good for improving flexibility. If you have tight, tense muscles a…

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